Gabooye families Introduction

Saturday 10th February 2018 12:39:35 in Aragtida Dadweynaha by Xafiiska Hargeysa
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    Gabooye families Introduction

    As we all aware Somaliland has many clans and tribes, like Isaaq, Warsangali, Dhulbahante, Samaroon, Essa and Gabooye.

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As we all aware Somaliland has many clans and tribes, like Isaaq, Warsangali, Dhulbahante, Samaroon, Essa and Gabooye.

Gabooye is one of the smallest clans in Somaliland country

Gabooye has many problems that needs to solve like discrimination,racism, and humulation from other clans, on the other side every day we see what is going on and no body talk why? and the government is is ignored by that.

Many critical stages faced in Gabooye clans for the last 25 years that caused for the destruction of federal Somalia government.

Any how up to now they have not any local services such us, educational facilities, health and governmental welfare

To day we we shall look the relationship between them.

The relationship between the families in the community of Gaboye(colowe)

Relation:There are no relationship between community Gaboye,

Except some families. What caused that to happen?

First,contempt community Gaboye in Borama or another regions that caused to claim or dependent other clans example,some claim that they are, Jibriilyonis,M/Ase,Reer-nuur and Habar-afan.

Because clan of Gaboye no large business and also they safe from violence large other clans.

Those Gaboye diaspora do not help their people,because they think they are getting their living from, barbering, shoes making,shoes plashing and etc.

Gaboye people have no mach resources that they could manage them selves.

Gabooye clan make up:

When we are talking gabooye population there are many categories of gaboye population, including:

  • Anaas(yibir)

  • Tumaal

  • Muuse dhariyo

  • madhibaan


they are small in number these categories lives in western part of somaliland like gabiley, boorama and sayla

On the other side exactly these population works a low value jobs like barber, gents, and etc.


These clan is one of the highest and biggest tribe in gabooye population.

Often they work garages, aluminium and welding, and all technical skills.

Muuse dharriyo:

Muuse dharriyo is the most largest and highest one of gabooye population.

Mostly they life in eastern regions of somaliland like Berbera, Burco, and Ainaba.

They have known allot of skills as well as these careers including as fallows:

  1. Leather processing

  2. Making knives

  3. Processing tyre shoes

  4. Decoration for car seats and etc.


They are very introvert and armed people lives in hawd area.

They domesticate livestock like camels and sheep.

They always solve all the problems faced in gabooye population, and the general sultan of gabooye population originated in this group .

The most beautiful women and singers of gabooye population also originate in this group like omar dhuule, shay mire and caabi mine da’ar.

Gabooye family make up

Gabooye family is make up like other clans

Let’s talk some informations and details collected by faculty development studies student at Amoud university from gabooye villages.

  • There is no any relationship between gabooye population at all

  • Prolonged conflicts between them for many years

  • A lot of family problems(divorce, conflict and stress)

  • They have not any officers, ministers, chairmans or any other political leaders

  • No resource at all

  • No property such us land, farms, transportation/infrastructure and etc


If we are the members of this group we are terminating in this beautiful and attractive presentation

We are kindly warmly and heartily saluted our teacher who persuade as this course and our ingenious class we say all of you thanks………………………………………………….


If we are students of faculty development studies specially group five we are all suggested all population members like youngsters, officers and population members to look down all problems faced in Gabooye population

They are not foreigners but they are citizens lives in this country please respect as you respect your mam , dad and your relatives.




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