Dissemination of your existence is everybody's role!!!

Monday 5th November 2018 10:52:28 in English News by Xafiiska Hargeysa
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    Dissemination of your existence is everybody's role!!!

    A young Student University grew up in the heart of Europe specifically Britain went on holiday her country of origin.

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A young Student University grew up in the heart of Europe specifically Britain went on holiday her country of origin.
She absolutely interested in the culture and values introducing so many her flesh and blood living back home getting continuous invitations getting together with meals.

She liked after all and could not imagine the good whether, fresh food and new faces of her family members daily introduce themselves to her.

Finally they were given a lift by presidential cars throughout the Airport and flew from Hargeisa, the Capital of Somaliland.

To my surprise, that encouragement make them bit involvement in their original background.

I have seen a necklace made of Somaliland flag on her neck, so my question was what is this?

This is Somaliland flag, therefore she said, I introduce hundreds of students all of the world, where Somaliland situates near Gulf of Aden other side of the Red Sea Water.

Somaliland was former British protectorate never made to be member of Commonwealth Countries by heinous mistake by our ancestors, but still regarded Commonwealth Country and have close relationship to my country Britain.

Somaliland united former Italian Republic that was in South in the year, short after Britain offered Somaliland a permanent membership of Commonwealth Countries.

But wrong curiosity took Somaliland to unite South that dominated everything unfairly, followed by indiscriminate killing, unjustified imprisonment, conflicts that resulted millions of Somaliland people lost their lives.

Atrocities escalated with severe crimes against humanity, rape and merciless bombardments of women, children and elderly people.

The young student that was only born after Somaliland resumed 1960 independence and sovereignty, tell that Somaliland became independent again in 1991 with settlement of gun point and strong liberation.

Somaliland held many presidential, parliament and council elections, as the country fulfilled all governmental requirements.

The country's original reinstate was not offence against the South Republic under the Italian colony. But retrospective determination of Somaliland.

The surprise love and dissemination of the University Student totally gears up Somaliland recognition, as many friends already advocate Somaliland issue throughout the World.

The secret and scattering the principle of Somaliland is for every individual to gain success and sufficiency in the future.

When youngster take this kind of campaign, what about those in the leadership and fill the duty of the Nation, without efforts.

The Somali and Somaliland UN envoy must have very clear policy for the way to deal with the two Republics, until a solution will be reached.

It is unacceptable to meet Baydhabo, Hiiraan, Banaadir and Boosaaso and come to Somaliland eventually.

Somaliland is sensitively unhappy that kind of political and leadership abuse against the people of Somaliland continuously.

Students turned into proper activist without any transgression against anyone.

When you have very logical and fundamental history, you can fight to the end to convey the International Community with your case.

UN envoy of Somalia and Somaliland must watch his steps as Somaliland Nation carefully follow his activities and mediation that could be unfair and unacceptable.

Somaliland students in Europe and America take Somaliland situation into International level now.

They strongly pledged no more mistakes, no genocide, no rape, unkind imprisonment.

Somaliland is completely free from Somalia, as Republic of DJibouti is free from Somalia.

Decision of Somaliland sends legitimate message and it is lawful internationally to avoid, where conflicts, hatred and massacre operates

Majority of Somaliland people have trauma and nightmare flashbacks every single night. While United Nations pushing Somaliland where wounds still hurts.

Abdilahi Hassan.
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