Sierra Leone building collapses 'trapping workers'

Thursday 26th September 2019 09:05:20 in English News by Xafiiska Hargeysa
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    Sierra Leone building collapses 'trapping workers'

    Sierra Leone building collapses 'trapping workers'

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Sierra Leone building collapses 'trapping workers'

Dozens of construction workers are feared trapped beneath rubble after a building collapsed in Sierra Leone’s second largest city of Bo.

The builders were working on the three-storey block when it collapsed on Wednesday around 14:00 GMT, journalist Umaru Fofana told the BBC’s Focus on Africa radio programme.

The police chief in south-eastern Sierra Leone, Saidu Kamara, said that 82 people had reported for work to concrete the third floor of the building.

A builder who left the site to get some food just before the collapse told the BBC he thought that at least 50 of his colleagues could have been at the building at the time.

The police commander said eight people had so far been rescued and taken to hospital for treatment.

Excavators are at the site as part of rescue efforts.

It is not clear what caused the building to collapse.

Footage of rescue efforts suggest it was being built on a slope.

Source BBC