Never change your principle, belief and personality wellbeing.

Monday 30th September 2019 12:31:24 in English News by Tafatiraha Guud
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    Never change your principle, belief and personality wellbeing.

    The Vice President of Somaliland Abdirahman Saylici who served under the President of Ahmed Siilaanyo Government is here with me in London 2013 18 May.

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The Vice President of Somaliland Abdirahman Saylici who served under the President of Ahmed Siilaanyo Government is here with me in London 2013 18 May.

You are are not politician if you make U turn or pounce a bicycle space always like majority of people do.

They insult and offence the same mouth does, praised and supported our leading figures in politics again abuse later, which is crazy and lunatic.

Remain and rejuvenate with fresh speed and honesty to your principle and belief frequently putting Country first.

The only principle, your support and politics based on, can be the protection and better sustainability of your dignity and honour, which is your Country that fully secures and enjoys peace and stability your peer around the globe can not buy at any cost ready to pay.

I fully support Abdirahman Saylici, because he is our Vice President that served Kulmiye Party Government at least two consecutive terms and possibly more.

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He is very easygoing Vice President and cool guy indeed, but my support is bigger Abdirahman Saylici and individuals. But it is the wider principle of free Somaliland and safe people that do not suffer atrocities on daily basis.

The flashbacks of the survived minority ofSomaliland population is painful and more traumatised experiences that some times remember people buried in life, towed cars a life, spilt petrol and set on fire a life.

Unfair imprisonment, killing, torturing, property confiscation were all serious flashbacks currently that the society of Somaliland lives with.

Somaliland is not in the position of tolerance with the direct Qatar Government and Somalia provision a huge funding to unprincipled politicians, Sultans, journalists, singers and other parts of our society.

Because Qatar is in direct mission to destabilise Somaliland Republic with massive financial money now. But Qatar and weak Somalia led by Farmaajo will not succeed to put Somaliland on Knees at all.

Somaliland has very brave and principled society that prevails over the envious and jealous assaults from Somalia backed up Qatar.

Qatar sends individuals to Somaliland to make chaos and turmoil in that wonderful Nation with only rift and proxy war.

Somaliland has very clear history of defending the National interests of Qatar quite long time. Because Qatari military personnel were from Somaliland and historic braves in the National Qatari Armies from Somaliland Soil.

Our Government and leaders are trusted quite honestly and will be backed up all the way to certain period of time.

Try to watch activities occurring around you, as Somaliland is on fire by Qatar that supports the weak Somali government.

International Communities should be aware of the extreme attacks Qatari Government against Somaliland and conflicts Qatar wants to take place in Somaliland.

Qatar backs up political Parties, specific politicians and other parts of the Society to carry out dangerous and hostile missions in Somaliland.

Somaliland fully is aware of the perilous involvements of Qatari government against Somaliland sovereignty and independence.

Qatari Government should hands of Somaliland and backs off. Because our heroes defend Qatar, and are in the Qatari National Armies now.

In domestic and foreign affairs the society of Somaliland should put The principle and National interest of the Country.

Somaliland never be on the Knees and the fire our courageous figures lit will never turn off, as they sacrificed their lives this independence and freedom current society enjoys.

Somaliland builds memorial statues to our heroes to remind our future and current generations the cost of this independence. And those died for the liberation of the Nation.

Neither Qatari Government Nor Somalia weaken our principle or determination, if it is possible Somaliland people shed their blood defending their livelihood, dignity and Nationhood again.

We trust British Somaliland and never negotiate reunification, federalism or anything else at all.

Somaliland keep an eye on Qatari thoughts and involvement against Somaliland Republic. And I International Communities must warn Qatar to avoid and halt any intervention against Somaliland sovereignty and right to remain an independent Government decisively determined by its own people of Somaliland.

Current issues in Somaliland is fully funded by Qatari Government. And Qatar financially supports specific Somaliland politicians and political Parties in 2017 election that President Biihi Party won in landslide victory.

Qatari Government that supports weak Somali government has direct and strong involvement for Somaliland destabilisation now.

But Qatari Government is urged for to fold their hands from the issues of British Somaliland in the Horn of Africa.

And Britain that spent a lot of energy and funding building of Somaliland peace and stability will never accept that negative and destruction of Somaliland better peace and self rule currently.

Somaliland is too stronger to fall its Knees now really and will bite back any silly aggression like Qatari stupidity in the region and in Somaliland wrong activities to destabilise like completely dead Nation of Somalia.

Abdilahi Hassan
Goodwill Ambassador of Somaliland Republic.