The positive stand of Hirshabeelle and Galmudug towards Somaliland Republic is outstanding indeed!!!

Monday 27th April 2020 05:36:38 in English News by Xafiiska Hargeysa
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    The positive stand of Hirshabeelle and Galmudug towards Somaliland Republic is outstanding indeed!!!

    The Somaliland Republic position of being independent state never alienate in gauche and drastic mood from

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The Somaliland Republic position of being independent state never alienate in gauche and drastic mood from

 the population live in Hirshabeelle and Galmudug that Somaliland needs to manage very constant communication quite often to prompt good confidence of supporting Somaliland Republic strategy of resuming in 1960 position.

Actually Somaliland Republic gains very respectful approach from both Administrations without any provocative war of words or hostility from those areas, since the farewell of Somaliland in 1991 from Somalia or unity.

But no enough progression of identification for that gratitude towards those areas or populations, where Somaliland Republic should perceive that existence or better feedback.

The love, respect and good relations of Somaliland Republic and those two specific Administration redoubled when Somaliland dispatched donation in hardship time of floods that took place Beledweyn.

Somaliland Republic often does not prioritise a better spearheading and pioneering the reliable strategy to convince the brothers of South their demand of releasing as a nation of Somaliland Republic putting that very huge efforts lands on that understanding.

Somaliland Republic neglected direct comprehension of those respectful administrations to transmute the travail exist in some reasons: throughout parts of Somalia, especially politicians that apply for a policy or strategy of upheaval to divert the Somaliland Republic progressive platform in the region.

Unfortunately, Somaliland population never commence campaigns to upgrade their ideology of independence. Because Somaliland Republic should avoid that complacency and talk Somalia in different ways socially and politically to achieve a triumph that can help the thirty years of independence.

The topsy turvy policy of Somali politicians creates very tremendous cracks and omits all the top-flight negotiations occurs between Somaliland Republic and Somalia.

Although, there is very outstanding respect and support of Somaliland Republic from Hirshabeelle and Galmudug, but Somaliland cross eyed policy failed to have certain communication with both administration above mentioned.

The population of those two specific Administrations of Somalia never nag Somaliland Republic, though Somaliland should have done more to derive quite developed success of the ambition.

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The Somaliland’s Republic of having good relationship with cultural leaders of Hirshabelle and Galmudug, and parts of the society terminates of trauma and tough barrier still blocks the accessibility of Somaliland Republic demand.

As matter of fact, the positive stand of Hirshabeelle and Galmudug populations towards Somaliland Republic needs to be identified deeply and work out further more in digestive process.

The Somaliland Republic have very clear position of breaking away from the former Italian Administrated. But Somalia gives the acceptance and signatories Somaliland needs to receive that full entitlement.

The question is, diplomatically how can Somaliland Republic land on that signatory from Somalia. It is to talk and have very humble approaches to the public of Somalia, especially Hirshabeelle and Galmudug Administration to initiate very gradual channels of communications in different levels.

Somaliland Republic is heading to have dialogue with Somalia. But you are not having talks with President Mohamed Abdullah Farmajo and Prime Minister Hassan Ali Khayre alone. You tremendously face variety of social groups, in other words the cultural leaders, the elites and intellectuals, the youth, the religious groups, and finally the politicians like the current incumbent of Somalia.

Has Somaliland Republic ever contacted to Ugaas Hassan Ugaas of Hirshabeelle to say our intention currently is talking to Somalia with our independence and what we came up with you in 1960.

It goes without saying that it did not happen. However, the independence and recognition Somaliland Republic looks for does not arrive voluntarily or easily to be realistic.

We have surely targets to hit, in order to gain very successful outcome the talks Somaliland wants to meet the brothers of Somalia in the future.

But Hirshabeelle and Galmudug have very outstanding support and respect to Somaliland Republic that never be noticed by Somaliland.

The negotiation is not easy in accordance with the expectation agendas both sides put on the table. Somaliland should work out reliable supporters, while Somalia is attempting very hardly to have fans of unification, federalism or any other suggestion from Somaliland Republic population.

Somaliland Republic should see the wider and prepare spearheading the diplomatic battle against Somalia that still denies the divorce letter to Somaliland Republic; your efforts, legal team, eloquence and everything matters to put forward indeed to win the fight easily.

It is very difficult Somalia to acknowledge Somaliland Republic Agenda, and utter, okey we allow you go now.

But Somaliland Republic should put a lot efforts, time and funds to digest the situation. And finding cheeky individuals like Dr Abdirahman Baadiyow, who already created very deep wounds in means of hurting the previous trauma and wounds starting already unnecessary building now.

How can you negotiate somebody you stab at the back and bleeding quite heavily now.

The sensibility only removes obstacles and opens very friendly environment that encourages and promotes peace and stability, which is the key of all human life.

Abdilahi Hassan
Goodwill Ambassador of Somaliland Republic.