So You Think Sheer Sunscreen for Face Leaves a White Cast? 

If you’ve ever been put off from using mineral-based sheer sunscreen for face for fear of looking like a ghost afterwards, then this blog was written for you. You see, there is something of a misconception in circulation that all mineral or physical sunscreens suffer from this problem. 

That view is wide of the mark, as technology has moved on at a pace in recent years, meaning that you can now enjoy the many benefits of mineral-based sunblock without looking pale and washed out. So, if it’s a subject that interests you, stay with us as we explore the details.

Sheer Sunscreen for Face Is Made With Shea Butter

The biggest and most popular manufacturers of sunscreen, like Blue Lizard, have created a range of sheer sunscreen for face products that rub in smooth, dry and completely clear. Of course, they all have the protective power of zinc oxide, however, they also contain shea butter, along with a range of antioxidants, as well as vitamin E. 

The result is healthier, softer skin from a product that also offers broad-spectrum protection. Helping the wearer to fight the signs of ageing with ingredients like papaya and cucumber, it’s the perfect blend of protection and nurturing. 

Sweat & Water Resistance Offers Extra Protection

Some products on the market will simply wash off if you go swimming or even sweat profusely. However, this ‘invisible’ sunscreen also copes rather well with this issue. While it does eventually wash off, it takes between 40-80 minutes to do so, meaning you’re protected whether you’re by the pool or working hard in the afternoon sunshine. 

On top of all that, mineral sunscreens like these also help to protect the planet. How? Well, if you look online, you’ll see many stories about how the coral reefs are shrinking and disappearing – possibly forever. This is because of something called bleaching that’s caused by toxic substances in chemical sunscreens – like oxybenzone and octinoxate. 

Being manufactured from zinc oxide and other natural ingredients, these products have no effect on the environment whatsoever. So, if you’re not already using physical sunscreens, then it might be time to consider doing so. 

Noone Will Ever Know You’re Wearing Sheer Sunscreen For Face

If you’ve had visions of looking like you’re covered in white paint when wearing mineral sunscreen on your face, you don’t have to worry – that’s not what will happen. This is especially true when you’re wearing products that contain shea butter that protect your skin while providing nourishment. 

Something you need to consider before you make the move over the sheer mineral sunscreens is that they’re applied slightly differently than chemical products you may have used before. They’re thicker, which means you need to use less of the product, which offers the welcome side-effect of making it more cost-effective for protecting yourself and your family.

So, as we can see, the belief that mineral-based sunscreens leave behind a white cast isn’t based on truth. Sure, you might find a manufacturer offering an inferior product that doesn’t fit this mould, however, if you stick with major manufacturers that are known for the quality of their sunscreens, sheer sunscreen is one that no one will ever know you’re wearing. 

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