Why should you participate in Hackathons ?

Attending Hackathons will let you learn and develop new skills. It is a great opportunity to get in contact with some of the industry’s leading stakeholders and players and have a chance to have a conversation with them.

Hackathons are events where computer programmers work in teams and compete to solve a problem. The participants work together to meet project parameters quickly and efficiently. 

In this coding fest, the participants can work on any platform to bring out their best in the software development field.

In this competition, you can witness investors, giant software developers, and entrepreneurs witnessing this talent program looking for their software needs. It serves as a bridge to connect the software solution providers with the needs. There are a lot more to discover in Hackathon and serves as a boon for the enthusiast students and coders worldwide.

How do Hackathons work ?

Before the hackathon officially starts there will normally be time for you to arrive, grab a coffee and do a spot of networking. There is a good chance to get to know your fellow participants.

Next organizers will let you know the problem that they’re looking to solve. They will introduce participants to judges.

Now it’s time to get to work. you and your team will analyze the problem, make a plan, brainstorm your mind with ideas, and start solving the solution in that given period of time.

Longer events will often have a pause midway through where teams can present their progress so far. At the end of the event your team will pitch your incre problem solving solution. And finally judges will announce the prize winners.

Anyone can participate in hackathons. Anyone who is interested in computer programming and loves to learn and build cool stuff can attend.

Why should you participate in hackathon :

Attending hackathons is not expensive, especially Virtual Hackathon. It can help you land an interview if you are looking for job opportunities. The participants and the audience connect on this platform for their career growth. Every individual in this event has benefited in some way or the other.

There are many more reasons, and below are some of them :

  1. Learn : you learn a lot. Hackathons throw you into a new environment of coding/learning where you are trying to create an application that has at least some functionality or does something you think is interesting or noteworthy. At hackathons you are creating something that, hopefully, you think is interesting and cool, and because of this you are bound to learn something new about the development process.
  2. Meet new people : you meet new people from different regions, sometimes even from different countries. This will help you to learn about different cultures, and help introverts to work in social life.  You can learn a lot from people of different professions.The sportive minds of the participants assist in developing healthy relationships.
  3. Meet Recruiters : It is very common (if not the norm) for tech companies to sponsor hackathons and actively look for recruits while there. It  is very common (if not the norm) for tech companies to sponsor hackathons and actively look for recruits while there. These companies also have a physical presence in the hackathon.
  4. Not expensive : Hackathons are not expensive especially when it comes to Virtual Hackathons.
  5. Can help land an interview, if you are looking for job opportunities : Employers are always on the lookout for fresh talent that stands out from the rest. Participating in these events also shows your potential employers that you can work under immense pressure and meet strict deadlines. Many companies are present physically in hackathons. 
  • The fun of competing with so many Talented and great minds programmers: Talent is always Amazing, which will attract you towards them, and if this talent is of your interest, you get attracted more.
  1. You will get lots of free stuff : Those companies that sponsored the event often provide other free stuff like t-shirts, frisbees, bags etc. Also your food for the weekend is paid for along with various snacks.
  2. Facing Challenge : You are challenged to solve a real problem in a limited amount of time, the constraint of time helps you think of creative solutions , though whatever your profile is.
  3. Helps you improve your CV : By winning hackathons your profile becomes stronger. I bet you will get interview calls from big companies if you cross some number of hackathon wins. Listing hackathons on your resume will be beneficial, as it indicates that you are both skilled and passionate about engineering and technology.
  • Innovative Ideas : It is the space where you can find innovative and creative ideas. You will be astonished by witnessing the blooming concepts of young minds. Every topic the participants handle will be unique and you will be carried away by their technical knowledge in creating complex solutions effortlessly. A Hackathon is a right place for the birth of creative ideas.
  1. Discover New Tools : In Hackathon, every team has unique tools to ease their software development process. You can explore ample tools with amazing functionalities. It is the space where you can learn a lot regarding the development and design field. It triggers the curiosity in the participants to explore the unknown tools. In this competitive ground, you will get to know a wide range of software tools, design applications, etc.

Hackathon Guide to winning  :

  1. Form a good team 
  2. Think through your ideas 
  3. Know your audience 
  4. Choose the right approach 
  5. Take short breaks 
  6. Invest time for presentation 
  7. Consult with your team 
  8. The idea should be technically advanced 
  9. Make it interactive 
  10. Be visually creative
  11. Practice your varied length verbal pitches 
  12. Prepare questions and answers in advance 
  13. Be maximally approachably 

Hence, Hackathon provides a learning environment for the participants. It is a lively space where you can figure out talents in various fields.

Hackathons can help you build your career. It’s high time to create innovation and learn new skills using the right software. I would recommend you to choose Mercer | Mettl for this. 

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